Free Conference Followup #1 - 3/8/2011

Dear Friends,

As you all know by now the Free Conference has concluded and was, in our opinion, a great success. We had a wonderful week of theological reflection by some our Synod's finest theologians, the ACELC was officially formed with 8 congregations joining, and a number of others likely to join in the next couple of months. Because of the close proximity of Lent we haven't had time to post much of a synopsis of events, but we will be doing that shortly.

In addition, we videotaped the entire Conference and that will be made available as a DVD set after the editing has been finished. We audiotaped the sessions and will make those available as soon as we can. And, we will also be posting the papers that were presented as soon as we can get them all together. Then finally we also took a number of photos which you can view now by going to the website and clicking on the photo link. You can browse each photo individually or via the slide show option at the top of the page.

God Bless!
ACELC Board of Directors Pro Tem

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