Associate Membership For ACELC Now Available

Dear Friends,

At the ACELC Convening Conference held in March of this year, a new category of membership was established known as the Associate Membership. This was established so that pastors and laymen who were members of congregations not yet ready or willing to join the ACELC. Associate Membership will not entitle that person to vote at our Annual Conference, but they will have the right to speak and make their voices heard, and will also have their names added to our Associate Member list to show that they support the work of the ACELC. If you are interested in applying for Associate Membership, then download the application at the link below, fill it in, mail it to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

ACELC Associate Membership Application

One more thing! As you know, this year's Free Conference and the texts of the various presentations is available at our website for download under the documents tab on the toolbar. But, we also videotaped this Conference and will be making it available for purchase very soon (at a very reasonable price). We have seen the three DVD set and it is (if we may be so bold as to say so) magnificently done. It is done in high definition video with professionally recorded sound, and the DVD also contains the PDF files of the 8 presentations and the panel discussions at the end of each day's presentations. We will be sending out a note as soon as these are available.

One more one more thing! If you haven't already stopped by the website to see the pictures of the Free Conference, you really need to do so. You can view them one at a time or as a slide show. Very nice. BTW, this will also give you an idea of what a great job was done on the upcoming video series.

Your Servants For Christ's Sake,
ACELC Board of Directors, Pro Tem

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