ACELC Associate Membership

Dear Friends,

As someone who has shown enough interest in the ACELC to sign up for our webpage update e-mail list, we are writing to remind you that we have established an Associate Membership category in the ACELC for those of you who are members of congregations that for one reason or another have not joined the ACELC as full members. Associate Membership entitles you a voice in discussion and deliberations at our Annual Conference, but does not give you a vote. Becoming an Associate Member will also mean that your name will be added to the Fraternal Admonition. There is no fee for becoming an Associate Member, so if you support what we are are doing in the ACELC, then by all means become an Associate Member.

You can find the application for Associate Membership by clicking on the link at the top of our Homepage, or by clicking on this link. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Servants For Christ's Sake,
ACELC Board of Directors, pro tem

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