ACELC Blog Up & Running

Dear Friends of the ACELC,

Well, we are up and running (I think) with our new Blog. You can find it at our website by clicking on the "ACELC Blog" link in the toolbar at the top of the homepage.

If I understand the way this works correctly (and that's a big if), you can also sign up for notification of new Blog posts on our site through a service called RSS, which you can get by signing up for an RSS service such as, or Once you sign up for an account you can set it up to receive our posts by using the following link that program, which is:

If you have any problems with it, you can send me a note and I'll try to help you out, but I'm pretty new to this as well, but together we can probably get it accomplished.

For what it's worth, I'm sending this out via a number of outlets, so it's possible you might receive it more than once. Please feel free to use the delete key at will.

Your Servant For Christ's sake,
Rev. Drew Newman, ACELC Webmaster

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