Five More Proposed Overtures Have Been Posted

Dear Friends,

As of this afternoon we have posted five more proposed Overtures on the ACELC Website. You may use these in your congregation or circuit as you best see fit. In other words, you may use them as models for other Overtures, or you can use them as is. If you find them to be helpful, then God be praised.

If you have any suggestions for other proposed Overtures, please let us know, or if you find something that needs to be changed in any we have posted so far we would welcome your input. You can find the entire list on the "Proposed Overtures" link on our Homepage.

Here they are:

To Declare it Contrary to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions to Join in Prayer with Those who Deny Only Way to the True God

To Promote Unity in Worship at District Conferences and Conventions

To Request that Synod State that Women are not to Have Authority Over Men

To Clarify Synod's Reaffirmation of Close(d) Communion

To Reaffirm that the Standard for Pastoral Admission to the Lord’s Supper remains Full Agreement in All Articles of Christian Doctrine

Your Servants for Christ's Sake,
ACELC Board of Directors

As always, because we are trying to get this out to everyone, there may be some cross posting, which means you'll recieve it more than once.

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